Are the People of Kos Obsessed with Blue and White Buildings?

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Architecture on Kos started out like that in any Greek city or on any Greek island. Marble and limestone pillars were erected, holding ancient monuments together. Much of this can still be seen across the landscape – albeit weather-beaten and not in full spec in most cases.

[Image courtesy of Oscar Seljeskog on Flickr]

The old Roman Odeon is a fine example of such architecture.

[Image courtesy of GanMed64 on Flickr]

The temple at Asklepion is another fine example of this ancient style that still populates the island.

However, in the last century or so there seems to have been a major shift in influence. White wash with blue trim seems to be the new ancient marble and limestone!

[Image courtesy of Kevin Gibbons on Flickr]

Shops are bars adorn this style proudly. Notice that the plant pots have been decorated solely in these colours so as not to disturb the theme.

[Image courtesy of Kevin Gibbons on Flickr]

A typical street in Kos Town is the perfect representation of just how far such a style has influenced. Even the furniture isn’t safe from this craze that has become a staple of Kos exterior design!

[Image courtesy of GanMed64 on Flickr]

Religious buildings like this Evagelistria Church have also been given the same treatment.

[Image courtesy of Mindaugas Danys on Flickr]

There are also many instances when people have gone paint happy with the blue, dominating the white – this must have been the abstract version of the style.

[Image courtesy of GanMed64 on Flickr]

The style has become some prominent and iconic, it even steals attention from a beautiful vast panoramic of Kos. Co-op Travel have some excellent holiday deals to Kos so you can visit and experience this phenomenon yourself.

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