boost your resume with an international internship

A great way to boost your resume is to spice it up with a bit of international experience. If you’re not ready to dive into the job market just yet, you may want to consider a internship abroad to help get you started.

If you are already studying abroad, you can check the career center at your host college, or hop on the web and do some internship searches.  A great way to get the most out of your semester abroad is to couple your study abroad program with an internship abroad.  Internships are a great way to further your cultural immersion and really learn something about the place you are living, all while boosting your resume and click here to learn about ats guide resume.

For example, if you’re looking for a job in the fashion industry in America, it will look really good on your resume to have spent a semester studying in Paris, and interning for a french clothing label.  Not only will you have unique contacts in the European industry, but you’ll have first hand experience with business practices in France.  The same goes for just about any country.

During your time in-country, you’ll meet people on a professional level as well as a social level, and you’ll learn a thing or two about international corporate culture. Internships while studying abroad can open some amazing opportunities for future employment, at home, and abroad.
Students who study abroad can add international experience to their resumes, even if they don’t complete internships or job training overseas. The fact that they were willing and able to adjust and learn in a foreign environment, and the fact that they have experience and knowledge of other cultures makes them that much more attractive to future employers.
An internship abroad, coupled with a study abroad program can be a great career building experience, and you’ll probably have a lot of fun learning the ropes in another country.

Next time: Finding a paid internship abroad.

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  • Student Travel Hostels

    It seems that the way to intern abroad right now is via a study abroad program. So you get the school credit plus the work experience to put on your resume. Spencer Stuart Research just came out with a statistic that 85% of all Fortune 500 CEOS have international work experience.

  • Katie

    In October of 2006, sponsored by the Canadian International Development Agency, I set out for a two and a half month internship in Sierra Leone, West Africa, to single-handedly save the education system. Or so I thought. Although in the end I managed to produce a teaching manual on cooperative learning strategies that has been distributed to hundreds of teachers around the country, the reality of my unrealistic idealism slapped me in the face. It takes much time and tender loving care to rebuild a country after suffering from a civil war that can only be described as horrific; thankfully, Sierra Leoneans are a resilient people who patiently work side-by-side with naïve Westerners like me who just want to help.
    ~Katie McBride

  • WendyDarling81

    In October of 2005 I packed my suitcase for a seven month long teaching assistantship at a French high school in Limoux, France. Armed with mediocre French speaking skills, postcards of my home town, and no teaching experience, I didn’t know what to expect. Conquering the initial nervousness, language barrier and cultural differences were among the most difficult challenges. But once I eased into the lifestyle and adapted to the skill levels of each class, I found my experience proved to be worthwhile. My internship taught me to expect the unexpected, to respect cultural diversity, and to recycle, recycle, recycle!

  • WendyDarling81

    Imagine living in a small rural town in the south of France (population 10,000!) where the locals greet you with a hearty “bonjour!” as they scurry through the town plaza clutching their fresh bread for their afternoon meal. In this same town on every Wednesday the baker sets aside your favorite pastry for you, and on Fridays you attend the outdoor market to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. It seems too good to be true. But you are a teacher in this town, and your students have just joined you for coffee.

  • WendyDarling81

    Just because you want to work abroad does not mean that you have to endure months of pointless drudgery working in an unfulfilling job with little pay. There are other options available for those wishing to profit from their time spent abroad. Consider the benefits from a teaching assistantship offered through the French Embassy: a competitive monthly stipend, government funded healthcare, five weeks paid vacation, friendships to last a lifetime, and in some instances complimentary lodging! No teaching experience required! The experience will make you a more interesting candidate on grad school applications or for that great power job you are applying for!

  • Daniel

    While getting an internship through your university can be rewarding, foreign universities can have trouble finding quality internships for their students. Two years ago I studied in Bologna and had a mediocre experience with an internship at a newspaper office. The problem was that my university, though a well established American university program in Bologna, had not been able to develop a strong rapport with the host organizations. When I came back this year, I worked with an agency that specializes in finding internships. The reputation and connections this agency developed over the years proved invaluable. I am now interning in Florence at an international trade agency. Far from photocopying all day, I am instead meeting English-language clients, assisting in copy-editing and translation, and developing country and economy briefs in Italian.

  • Viva

    Have you ever smelled the breath of a two-toed sloth? Inches from his hissing mouth, I caught a whiff of secropia leaves and cacao. 4 kilos of fury snarled as researchers quickly fitted a radio collar around his neck. In the course of my 11-month internship with The School for Field Studies Center for Sustainable Development in Costa Rica, I’ve consumed my weight in gallo pinto, climbed active volcanos and danced around in a mosquito costume to raise awareness about dengue. I’ve served as an interpreter for Nicaraguan ex-guerrilleras on the island artist colony of Solentiname, picked organic coffee in the Central Valley, gone on a date with a soccer player from the national league and fulfilled my dream of playing marimba in the middle of the street market in San Jose. In exchange for responsibilities including first aid, equipment inventory, errands in town, and organic farm work, I charted a life-changing adventure in Central America.

  • SaraEP

    Many employers abroad are unable to pay interns, and some organizations even require payment from you in order to find an internship placement. So how do you balance your desire to see the world with your need for paid employment?

    If you’re looking for a way to fund an internship abroad, start at home.

    Begin your funding search by talking to professors and advisers at your university. Many colleges and universities offer funding for international work experience, though availability of funds may depend on the field in which you plan to work. During the summer after my junior year of college, for example, a professor at my university funded my month-long research internship with a professor in a similar field in England. Because the job involved independent research, the hours were flexible, leaving me free time in which to see the UK.

  • Sahar

    I’ve danced in rain soaked, cobble-stoned streets with thousands of people during the Fete de la Musique, had a staring contest with Giorgio Armani, raced down the Seine with friendly policemen in a special speedboat on Bastille Day, took pictures for my personal collection from the photographer’s pit at fashion shows and learned how to convert videos formats from PAL to NTSC, a skill I had never thought I would someday master.

    And I wouldn’t have had these experiences if I hadn’t interned abroad.

    In the summer of 2006, I interned at a fashion television show in Paris. My responsibilities were standard; what I gained from them was exceptional. The experience taught me that no matter what the job, it’s the chance to work and play among a different people and in a different culture that makes both the duties and fun doubly exciting. Even the mundane events of your job, like trying to figure out directions in French on how to reset a voicemail, become somewhat exotic, a valiant quest not just to decipher a machine in a foreign language but to also understand your own capabilities, one of which I realized through the sound of my own successfully recorded message.

    Not only that, my internship abroad also helped create a domino effect of success. My resume became more noteworthy. Prospective employers were impressed that I had the guts to go work in a country whose national language I didn’t speak but was willing to learn. It showed them that I was a risk-taker, determined, and inquisitive. That one opportunity in turn helped me get another internship at a prestigious publishing company in New York. And this internship I hope will lead to another, more permanent position. But this hope wouldn’t have been possible if last year I hadn’t dared to take a chance and flown halfway across the world to work for free- and gained immeasurable experience and chances for future successes in return. Because of my internship abroad, the dominoes just keep falling.

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