Catch up..


It’s been a while since my last post. I feel like I’m eternally apologizing for not updating this blog. For the last few months, I’ve been on a super-nomad rampage. When you’re living life, it’s hard to make time to blog – and I’ve certainly been living life.

I left LA approximately two months ago and I drove up to Sacramento, then the Bay Area on a distribution run. I was planning on sticking around for a while, staying at my mom’s place and boozing with old friends, but planning was never really my forte.

Chelsea had a flight booked for Cabo and she was going to be staying for four days in some fancy schmancy all inclusive resort. All I had to do was pay for my flight to Mexico, and everything else would be covered – how could I say no?

So, after a couple days in the Bay, I hopped on a flight from Oakland to Cabo, and spent the next few days sipping Coronas on a beach in Cabo San Jose. I got drunk, I laid in hammocks, I chatted with Chelsea, and I worked on my tan – good times! We even met a boozy 65 year old expat who stumbled into our lives, led us to a shady locals bar called La Escala, and pointed out where to find the best prostitutes in town. On Cinco De Mayo, Chelsea and I numbed our hangovers with an incredible amount of cheap tequila and powered through another interesting night of Team Borracho antics.

Anyway, after Chelsea flew home, I downgraded myself to a roach-motel downtown and spent the next couple days eating street tacos, watching Mexican TV, and yeah, more Coronas and beach.

I flew from Cabo to Boston to do some distribution work. I hit all the major schools, staying for about a week, then I flew to Atlanta. I had distribution runs all over the south. I spent a week or so driving all over Georgia, The Carolinas, and even made it up to Chattanooga Tennessee!


Next, I flew back to my mom’s place, but I didn’t stay for long. I e-hitched a ride via craigslist up to Portland, where I met up with Charles. Then we drove up to The Gorge in central Washington for the Sasquatch music festival. I had finagled press passes, so we spent the next two days back stage drinking free Pabst on tap and eat snacks (“oh yes, there will be snacks!”) and hanging around with the likes of Sarah Silverman, Jimmy Kimmel, Citizen Cope, The Beastie Boys, et al!

Back to Portland and then to mom’s and now I’m back in LA.

Anyway – that’s a sort of cursory look at the last two months of my life. I’ll try to update soon – who knows where I’ll be!

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