Discovering the Natural Beauty of the Greek Islands

Guest post from Ricky Durrance.

You may already have a view on the Greek islands – not all of them of course, there are over two thousand – but some of the more popular islands have certain images which have prevailed for many years. Some are true, some are not so. But whilst the likes of Rhodes and Kos may have images ranging from culture to nightlife party capitals, one thing is common throughout the islands but is often overlooked – their natural beauty.

No matter whether certain areas has been built for the sole purposes of mass tourism, even the most developed islands have still managed to retain elements and regions which offer fantastic scenery and diverse wildlife.

Crete Wildlife

Wildlife is perhaps not the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Crete, but if you enjoy looking for and viewing different species you will be pleasantly surprised by holidays in crete. The mountainous areas of the island are home to numbers of Kri Kri – wild goats. If you are extremely lucky, you may be even be able to catch a glimpse of the elusive Cretan Wildcat. Being an island, much of Crete’s wildlife centres on the sea with from time to time precious sea turtles coming ashore to lay eggs or find prey. They are a protected species and the local authorities have for many years tried to make the turtles beaches of choice as protected as possible.

Zante Scenery

In areas such as Tsilivi, the main attractions tend to be the bustling beaches and buzzing bars which have made the areas famous throughout Europe. But if this is not your scene or if you want more from a trip abroad, Zante will without question surprise you, for it has some fantastic scenery which will certainly fill up your camera’s memory! Shipwreck Island beach is the most photographed beach in the world and the Blue Caves are nothing like you would have seen ever before. If you like conservation, head to Marine Park, which helps to protect the endangered species and it is even possible to get involved in some conservation projects in stunning surroundings – not something usually associated with cheap zante holidays!

Rhodes Ancient History

Rhodes City Walls

Although not exactly natural, the ancient temples and ruins found throughout the island of Rhodes are still simply stunning and some of them have been around for thousand of years – virtually making them as permanent as the tress and mountains! The Acropolis of Rhodes in the past overlooked the whole city and thanks to successful excavations, many of tits temples and buildings have been brought back to life for people to marvel at. There are not too many other places in Greece or indeed the world which can compete with the richness of Rhodes’ ancient history.

The assortment of wonders that can be found on the Greek islands really is astonishing. Sure, there is always the option of spending all your days on the beaches, but if you want a change of scenery, there is always that option no matter which island you find yourself on.

Written by Ricky Durrance. 

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