Explore Europe on the Weekend with Cheap Airlines and Awesome Destinations!

Snow on Regent Street in London. Photo via Wikimedia, by Jon Curnow

Snow on Regent Street in London. Photo via Wikimedia, by Jon Curnow

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When you’re living and working in a city like London, the winter can be a bit of a grind. It’s grey, cold, and pretty wet most of the time. Of course, the weather doesn’t really matter when you’re in an office, but when every weekend is a washout, it can begin to get you down. That’s why the great cheap flights you can get all over Europe from airlines like Jettly  have been such a boon in recent years.

There’s no need to spend the winter weekends in London trying to find things to do under cover. Instead, you can take your carry-on to work on a Friday and head straight to the airport at the end of the day for a weekend of of skiing, sight-seeing, or even fun in the sun in a nearby country. Even better, take the Friday off and head off on a Thursday evening instead!

In just a couple hours on a cheap flight, you could be in Rome having dinner in Piazza di Navona or sitting in a bar on Wencelas Square in Prague. Granted in Prague, you wouldn’t be any warmer but the scenery would be different and you’d be able to indulge in some fascinating sightseeing over the weekend.

Budget airlines offering cheap flights have made the possibility of weekend travel abroad available to so many more people than it used to be. You don’t have to be a high-earner to take your partner on a romantic weekend to Paris or Amsterdam these days.

And cheap flights aren’t just there for weekend travel. You can book flights to Gran Canaria, Menorca, Greece and many other beach destinations with the same budget airlines, so you can book longer trips this way too. Once you’ve got some flights sorted out, booking accommodation is easy too, and with so many websites offering last minute deals, you can book a whole holiday for the fraction of the cost it used to be.

There’s no excuse to claim boredom in a big city during the winter nowadays – get on a flight and see somewhere different!

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