Extreme Phuket’s Top 5 Sports to Liven Up your Holiday

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Guest poster, Guy Arnold Shares his love of extreme sports, nature, and travel in this article about Phuket Thailand!

As well as loving the great outdoors, I’m a massive adrenaline junkie. Some friends and I combined these two passions by using my destination, Phuket, as our playground.

Here are my five top picks:

ATV Riding

After some map-reading related arguments, I found the ATV park some miles north of Phuket Town. We were briefed, asked if we’d ridden before and before I knew it I was back in the driving seat. It was one of the hour long tours through lush green rainforests and over rugged trails. The instructors were helpful and friendly, and didn’t hesitate to point out the amount of mud I picked up en route. Warning: bring clothes you’re not particularly fond of – you won’t wear them again. And don’t worry, all safety gear is provided.

White Water Rafting

After our map-reading fiasco, I suggested we got a lift this time. A minibus picked us up and drove us north to Phang-nga Province. More briefing commenced through which I jiggled like an impatient child. After about half an hour I was kitted out with a life jacket and paddling my way down some pretty furious rapids. This lasted for an hour before we were told to stop, leave the kayaks, and get on some ATVs. Twice in as many days, I thought. Result! Lunch and refreshments were provided, and the return trip in the minibus was well received.


Patong Speedway, just up from the beach in the Patong hills, was another must-see for me. Arriving shortly after the opening time of 10am, having booked months in advance (very advisable) I hopped out of the car and into a kart. I was Bowser; the others were Donkey Kong, Toad, and Princess. I skidded around the slithering track for a good length of time, pretending I was playing Mario Kart. Ipaid about £20, or nearly a thousand Thai baht, giving me plenty of race time. Of course, crash helmets were provided and intentional bashing of other karts was frowned upon.

Bungee Jumping

One of my friends spotted this place just round the corner from the speedway (near the major intersection at Kathu). Once strapped in, I leapt from a height of 50m from a tower which overlooked rather a picturesque pond. It used to be an old tin mining site, apparently. Nevertheless, I screamed like a girl as I plummeted towards the shimmering waters. It was easily the most heart-stopping activity of the trip.

Mountain Biking

We figured we’d end our trip with a relaxing cruise down the tracks of Phuket’s northern parts. Another minibus trip to Tala Beach saw us begin the trip. Along the way we became used to the locals that whizzed past in a blur as well the plantation fields, villages, and general stunning scenery. Coffee breaks and viewpoint stops were welcome and the return minibus journey definitely finished things off in comfort.

Guy Arnold is from leafy Hertfordshire, England and is currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes University. Specialising in poetry, and travel writing being a new passion, other interests include walking, rugby, and cycling!

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