Help Me Get To Kerala, India!

Fishing nets near Kochi in Kerala. (via Wikimedia)

Fishing nets and the best backpacking fishing pole near Kochi in Kerala. (via Wikimedia)

The Indian state of Kerala has chosen a couple hundred travel bloggers and invited them to compete to win a spot on their Blogger Bus. It’s a 2 week press trip to India, where I’ll be blogging about my experience traveling North to South across Kerala with a bunch of other bloggers. It will be awesome, and I want to win!

I already have enough votes to get me into the top 25, which means I’ve got a real chance to win this thing! But if I’m really going to win, I have to keep the momentum going, and get some more votes!

It’s easy:

That’s it!

Yes, they do need you to log in to your Facebook account to vote. I know some folks don’t like using FB for things like this, but I can tell you, I haven’t seen anything spammy from these guys (it is the Bureau of Tourism), so it should be all good.

The most popular Hill station of Kerala - Munnar. (via Wikimedia)

The most popular Hill station of Kerala – Munnar. (via Wikimedia)

If you’re interested in knowing more about the trip, I’ll be traveling across the Indian state of Kerala. It’s a coastal, tropical strip of land in the Southwest of India.

Wikitravel says:

Kerala borders the states of Tamil Nadu to the east and Karnataka to the north. It is also known for its backwaters, mountains, coconuts, spices and art forms like Kathakali and Mohini Attam. It is the most literate state in India, and a land of diverse religions, where you can find Hindu temples, mosques, churches, and even synagogues. With world class tourist sporting options, ayurvedic spas and treatments, eco-tourism initiatives, a large number of visit options ranging from beautiful high altitude blue mountains to pristine rain forests to golden sun-sand beaches and an enormous range of accommodation.

I hope to be able to extend the trip an extra couple weeks to see some other parts of India while I’m there, and hopefully head to The Leopold in Mumbai to win an old bet (Lou, you know I’m talking to you!), and see what other trouble I can get into.

I really do hope I can count on your vote! I’ve had some great support so far, and I need to keep this momentum going.

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Voting ends Jan 15th – so don’t wait! Vote now!


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