home sweet homeless

My flight back from Israel was long and uncomfortable. I had spent that morning riding horses, mountain biking, and four-wheeling in the Maktesh Ramon, and my back was not happy to be constrained to an El Al economy seat for sixteen hours. I was lucky to have an entire row to myself on the almost full flight, but it was still an uncomfortable ride. Three movies, two meals, and sixteen hours later, I was back in Los Angeles.

I spun the click-wheel of my iPod to the song “Los Angeles, I’m Yours” by The Decemberists. I smiled as Colin Meloy crooned out the lyrics, “How I abhor this place, its sweet and bitter taste has left me wretched, retching on all fours… Los Angeles, I’m Yours.”

Home sweet homeless.

I tried to hitch a ride from the airport to no avail, and resorted to calling Johnny for a ride. I got back to Johnny’s place, threw all my clothes in the washer, then headed to the office for a full day of work on the new issue of Student Traveler. Around 9PM, I ended up back at Johnny’s along with Murph, Kenny, Scott, and April. We proceeded to booze it up, and ended up at Molly’s for a pint of Guinness. Good friends and good beer – what a great way to end a very long day.

The next morning I hopped in a van full of magazines and headed north on a distribution run. The last few days, I’ve been driving around the SF Bay Area, delivering mags to various college campuses. Tonight, I head to Davis, where I hope to have dinner with my dad and Kevin and Eve before headed south on another distribution run.

Next week, I head to Chicago.

I’d like to welcome any new readers to my Blog. I’ve met a lot of great people on the road, and it would be great to keep in touch with all of you. This blog is a great way to keep tabs on me. So, if you’re interested in staying updated, please enter your email in the bar to the right and then check your email (maybe junk mail) for a message from FeedBlitz. You won’t get spammed, you’ll just get an email whenever I update this blog.

Also, check these links for all the pics from my Europe and Israel trips:



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  • Leah

    California is glad to have you back. Hope we get to hang out soon.

  • Jaden

    Reading about all your travels has been really inspiring. : )
    I’m glad everything went well…welcome back to cali!

  • L

    the Decemberists are indeed fabulous – and it seems like your travels are, too.

    -another Decemberists fan and DB columnist (aka silvergoldfish.wordpress)

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