Interview: Evita Robinson of Nomad•ness TV

Evita Robinson recently reached out to me while promoting the pilot episode of her new show, Nomad•ness TV.  She has been traveling the world for years, exploring Europe and living in Thailand and Japan while honing her skills as a writer, photographer, and videographer. Evita is finally putting her nomadic expertise and her passion for travel into a fun and inspired travel series — currently, you can follow her journey on Youtube and watch the full Nomad•ness TV pilot episode here.

But before you dive in, check out the interview below, where we get to know a little more about the creative powerhouse behind

Justin Jones: Hi Evita! I really like the name Nomadness. Sometimes we all feel a bit mad after being on the road so long — Is that where the name came from? What’s the story behind it?

Evita Robinson: Actually the name Nomad•ness came from a Skype conversation with my friend Billy. For years we spoke about working together on a business venture, yet at the time I was living in Japan. I told him that as long as it could be done over the internet I was down to help. His response was “Yea, I take your nomad-ness into consideration.” At the time, I was looking for a name to the blog and that stuck out immediately, so I snatched it and started creating webisodes.

Justin: I see, less madness, more nomad-ness – my scale might tip a bit more in the direction of madness. ;)

So, what is the main goal of your website / travel show?

Evita: Nomad•ness TV and are here to explore travel from a different perspective. When I travel I’m all about finding the urban areas and what makes it breathe. In the show, I explore countries under five facets: underground art, music, food, pastimes, and volunteer causes unique to each area. The show is representative of young women who aren’t afraid to travel alone, and the voice of international urban culture.

Justin: What was your first experience with traveling? Was this when you’d say you Became a Traveler? Or did you really discover your passion for travel later on?

Evita: I had to go to Jamaica every year, as a child, to visit my step father’s parents. I was too young to appreciate it. I was aware of everything I wanted to do, but was too young to be able to do it. It wasn’t until right after graduation from college, in 2006, that I knew I was a traveler. I didn’t look for a job right after college. I moved to Paris, six weeks later, and did a film course with the New York Film Academy, and La Femis Film School. That was my first trip to Europe and I was there for over a month. My last day, I was laying on the Grand Lawn, in front of the Eiffel Tower, and the travel bug embedded itself in my skin. I know the exact moment this started. It was quite a vivid feeling.

Justin: Can you explain your passion for travel? What do you love about it? What do you get from it?

Evita: I find a part of myself in every single country I go to. I learn something new about another culture, as much as I do about myself. I’m addicted to change. I hate routines. Traveling affords to teach me something different every single day.

Justin: Do you prefer to travel alone or with a friend, group of friends, partner? How does your travel style affect what you get out of your journey?

Evita: I prefer traveling alone. Even when I’m home, I do a lot alone. I’m an extrovert with introverted tendencies. Mainly, it’s due to my impatience. I don’t like waiting for people.

Justin: I can definitely relate to that – I’m a bit of a lone wolf myself.  But, if you HAD to, and could travel with any 3 people (real, fictional, alive, or dead) who would they be and where would you go?

Evita: Damn…I’d like to travel with Oprah, because we would have access to everything (including her brain) and the trip would probably be funded. Bethany Frankel of the Real Housewives of New York because the liquor would be taken care of and I’d be able to pick her entrepreneurial mind. And my grandmother so I could show her all the places she tells me she’ll never have the chance to go experience in her life. This ironic because I tend to hang around men more. This would be a ladies trip, though, for sure.

Justin: If you weren’t a traveler, how would your life be different? i.e. what would you be doing if you weren’t always on the road? Or, do you have a “regular” job?

Evita: I freelance in television production when I’m in NYC. So I may work for a few months at that and then leave. If I wasn’t a traveler, my life would be vastly different, and a part of me would be dead. So much of my life is wrapped up around travel that it’s hard to even gauge what I’d be, or look like. I credit travel to a nearly sixty pound weight loss as well.

Justin: What was the most grueling adventure? (epic hike with low supplies, long train ride in India with no toilets, etc.)

Evita: Catching Dengue Fever traveling from Siem Reap, Cambodia to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Only to be followed by bronchitis. Fun times.

Justin: Yikes!  You’ll have to share that whole story with me sometime!

One of my favorite parts of travel is connecting with the people I meet along the way, both locals and other travelers. Can you tell us about one of your most cherished travel connections?

Evita: It would be a three way tie between my friends and students from living and teaching in Niigata, Japan, my Thai Mom and Dad, and a boy named Vantaa in Cambodia. I make it a point to build relationships with people I meet abroad. I keep in touch, and we keep the dialogue going even years after the fact. That is important to me. I’m all about the human connection.

Justin: I’m all about those connections as well – and happy to now be connected with you, fellow nomad!

For those of you who would like to stay connected with Evita Robinson, you can follow her journey at and watch the full pilot episode of her new travel show here!

Thanks again Evita!

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