Jade Eva’s Grand Galicia

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Guest Poster Jade Eva shares some highlights from her trip to Galicia, Spain.

Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga: the typical places to go to in Spain. As a self-proclaimed pioneering traveller, I decided to go somewhere off the beaten track on my excursion to Spain – Galicia! Alright, it’s not that far off the beaten track but it does make a nice change from the scorching heat of the South. It is a region of wonderful scenery, lush greenery and fascinating history. Here are some highlights:

Tower of Hercules

The first stop for anyone visiting Galicia is the Tower of Hercules, one of the main tourist attractions in Galicia. This 59m high tower was built in the 1st century AD by the Romans, therefore a central part of Spain’s cultural history. If you’re feeling brave enough, you can go inside the tower and right to the top. Sadly, I get jittery even climbing a ladder so going to the very top of the tower was never going to happen for me. However, it is a beautiful piece of architecture and well worth a few pictures if you’re in the area.

Santiago de Compostela

The next part of my cultural excursion brought me to Santiago de Compostela, known as ‘the jewel in Galicia’s historic, cultural and medieval crown.’ Looking at it from the outside, it is a true architectural masterpiece. In addition, it is located in Galicia’s ‘old town,’ which boasts several buildings of Gothic, Baroque and Neo-Classical design. Put it this way, I managed to fill up my camera’s memory after one afternoon in this part of Galicia!

Castle of the Knights Templar

If your appetite for interesting, old buildings has not been satisfied by the last two destinations, this gorgeous 14th Century castle ought to do the job. This castle looks as if it has fallen out of a romantic, ‘knight-in-shining-armour’ story. A seriously wonderful attraction, perhaps a little overlooked compared to the Tower of Hercules and Santiago de Compostela.


After the last three attractions, I was seriously lacking in energy. And what sorts out a tired traveller better than a hot bath? A hot bath in a thermal spring, that’s what! A bus to Ourense is less than a Euro and when you get there, all you need is a towel and swimsuit to enjoy the wonderful thermal springs. What’s more, it’s completely free! God bless Mother Nature.

Last but not least…


Spanish dining is famous the world over, but it’s never the same unless you experience it where it belongs…in Spain. (Obviously). A restaurant highlight for me was at a place called Adega O Bebedeiro, located in La Coruna. The food was out of this world, and the prices, even better. I opted for a Bolognese cutlet, for the tasty (pardon the pun) price of € 9.75.
So there you have it! Five things to do in Galicia. There are plenty more, so be sure to pack up your sun cream, camera and your appetite, and go see it for yourself!

Jade Eva is an English Literature student who has read books based in all the corners of the world. But now she wants to see it for herself. From Verona to Vegas, Peru to Portugal, Jade will see it all!

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