John Oliver, The Street Poet of Bluefields, Nicaragua (in Granada)

The other day, I had the pleasure of meeting John Oliver, the legendary Nicaraguan street poet, from Bluefields on the Caribbean coast. It seems that John now lives on the streets in Granada, performing his poems for travelers and expats, in exchange for a few Cordobas to get a room for the night.  He’s missing a leg now, and was at slightly intoxicated with he showed up at our table in front of O’Shea’s Irish Pub.  But he still works his poetic magic like an experienced performer. I only wish I had my video camera with me, to capture his Jack Sparrow swaying and his animated arm-flails and hand gestures (listen closely for the clack clack of his crutches as he sways and hops). Still, I had my audio recorder on me and was able to record him performing the poem, Strong Love. Part of this poem was used in my forthcoming Radical Travel podcast about my time in Granada, Nicaragua (stay tuned for the link on Monday.)



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