Check out this video from my first day in Malaysia. I was staying in a hotel just outside Kuala Lumpur — a real classy place, 5 stars and all that. Certainly a step above my days as a dirty backpacker! (don’t worry, I’m still dirty)

Anyway, I discovered an awesome bit of the famed Asian toilet-tech. check it out:

[Download] [note: seems to have been hacked. I'll look into this.]

I also had the opportunity to try a Durian, known throughout Malaysia and South East Asia as the King of Fruit. This thing is gnarley — it has a thick spikey husk which is cut open to reveal the strange, creamy fruit inside. I’ve never seen or smelled or tasted anything like this before. just check out the video.


I wish I had more time to describe everything I’ve seen and done since I’ve been here, but I’ve got a dinner to go to with some other travel industry associates.

Here’s a fewpetaling.jpg pictures from my time in KL. click the thumbnail for thekl.jpg fpetronas.jpgull image.fruit.jpg



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  • shell

    oh! i really laughed at the durian video…. Also not my favorite fruit (if you can call it that-it looks like the egg of a hostile alien). Did you notice when you were here….there are some durian popsicles in the freezer. They taste–well like a fruit/onion pop. I had to discourage Ann from getting some durian mochi cakes the other day…..she thought her mother might like them. A passive aggressive thing maybe…

  • Sean W

    Awesome. Simply awesome.

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