LA, Life, and Life in LA

Yes, I’m still in LA after over a week of boozing, bumming, and slumming. I haven’t felt like this much of a piece of shit since the days when I was living in Johnny’s one bedroom apartment with Murph on the couch and me on the inflatable mattress. Thats 3 people in a one bedroom during the week with special weekend guests Charles and Kinga rounding it out to an even 5 people every weekend. I still look back on those days of filth and broken bottles as some of the best times of my life.

So here I am, back on Johnny’s couch and pushing the limits of bumitude and good will.

I hitched a ride down from SF to LA with an incredibly interesting girl who’s car was decked out in power crystals and paintings of goddesses. She was a cosmic girl, living in a magical world and we certainly had a fun ride down.

I spent a lot of time this weekend boozing with Johnny, Dan, Dan, and Leah. Johnny was spinning most days at Life around the corner, so we’d usually pre-booze at their house and then head to the club for shots of gut-burning liquor and strange concoctions.

Jaeger Bombs, Sonic Screwdrivers, Mind Erasers, Kamikazes, Rillas (thanks Amber!), and Irish Car Bombs. Cheap beers and top shelf liquors. Fast women and slow music. Good times and hazy memories.

Heres to you LA.

Anyway, I just installed this new image gallery software for my blog, so check out the gallery below and enjoy!

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