Munich, Berlin, and Beyond: Germany’s Best Cities.

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Germany is located in the very heart of Europe, and it has a lot of people looking for Europe Travel Deals and Discounts to explore all the beauties of Alps highlands, mighty Rhine River as well as the country’s great cities. Most of them are historic centers of the federal lands that comprise the state. There are lots of sightseeing spots throughout the country, and some of them appear to be tourist trademarks of Germany.


2Bavarian lands are probably the most visited in Germany. In Medieval Times, it was a prominent center of European culture and art. Even today, official colors of Munich, the biggest city in Bavaria, are black and gold — the colors of the Holy Roman Empire. Deutsches, or the German Museum, located in Munich, is acknowledged as the oldest scientific museum in the world. Though, science and art do not attract visitors as much as the world-known Bavarian beer. Especially during Oktoberfest, when millions of tourists attend Hofbrauhaus – Platz during two weeks.


By the number of skyscrapers Frankfurt competes with Paris, London and Moscow. The city is built with modern architecture and new technologies, mainly because it was almost destroyed during World War II. Frankfurt is the richest city in Europe and one of three financial pillars of the world (after London and Tokyo). Despite its modern vibe, the most interesting sightseeing places have been preserved. For instance, it is associated with the prime landmark – Saint Bartholomew’s Cathedral. It is a magnificent Gothic construction, erected in the 14-15th century that towers on the horizon. Saint Paul’s Church is another great national monument, where the first national parliament was elected on the democratic basis.


 3The name of Hamburg has come from the first building on the site. It was a castle constructed by the order of King Charles the Great in 808. The castle was built on a rocky bottom on the marsh between the Alster and Elbe as a defense against Slavic invasion. It was named Hammaburg, which means “city-castle”. The magnificent panorama of Hamburg is ensured by spires of five main cathedrals dispersed over the urban area. In addition, Hamburg is considered the city of canals — and by sheer numbers alone, it gives Amsterdam and Venice a run for their money: The total is 2,300! Sightseeing tours around Hamburg are sure to include a stop at the grand City Hall, the oldest stock exchange in Germany and the remains of the medieval church of St. Nicholas bombed during World War II and now turned into an anti-war memorial.


Cologne is likely to be the most known city in Western Germany. In practice, its fame is related to gorgeous Gothic cathedral, which is sure to amaze all viewers. The construction of the Dom Kolner started in 1248 and didn’t finish until 1880, so you can imagine how thoroughly and seriously the cathedral was designed. Cologne University is another beautiful building, and a major tourist attraction in the city.




And the last, but surely not the least, is Berlin. It is the city of The Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag building, Potsdamer Platz, momentous Olympic Stadium and numerous exciting museums. Berlin hosts a world famous film festival, and the Berlin film museum is a must-see. Certainly, there are many places of interest related to World War II and Berlin Wall, which pull in millions of enthusiasts and those tourists eager to pay tribute to the memory of the dead.



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