Review: Responsible Travel

[Sponsored Content] is a website dedicated to linking travellers with tour providers who really care about the tours they provide, and about the locations that they provide them in. The secret to traveling responsibly is to travel like a local, go where the locals go, and interact with local people who help to conserve the local environment.

The folks at Responsible Travel scour the earth, looking for holidays that are run by locals who care. The tours you’ll find will be run by people who also do beach cleanups, help conserve sea turtle habitats, and build schools and medical centers in their communities.

So what does all this hippie, world-saving talk mean for you? It means that when your itinerary calls for a relaxing day on the beach, you won’t be hanging out on a polluted stretch of sand, packed with pasty British tourists, and when your group stops to eat, you won’t be filed through a truck stop cafeteria with thousands of tourists-zombies. Instead of a run of the mill vacation, you’ll get an unforgettable holiday that is not only more unique, but also better for the environment and the communities that you are visiting.

These guys literally have trips all over the world, from Antarctica to the Caribbean. If you’re into adventure tourism, check out their Turkey holidays where you can kayak through the turquoise waters of the Kalkan, along Kaputas beach and even into the beautiful Blue Cave. They also offer 116 tours in Peru that range from hiking the Inca Trail and multi-sport tours for adrenaline junkies to the more relaxing Machu Picchu by train trip. Check out their Peru holidays page for all the details on those trips! And if you’re interested in visiting Africa, you’ll want to look into thier Kenya holidays where you can find jungle wildlife safaris and Zanzibar beach chillouts.

There are countless tour providers and resellers to choose from when booking your holiday. And I know that for me, the choice usually comes down to price. But at, the prices right, and their hearts are in the right place too. They care about making your trip the best it can be – for you, and for the world.

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