Things I still have to do before I leave for New Zealand

I’ve traveled a lot in my life, but never before have I left without any plan of coming back. I could be gone for 6 months, a year, 2 years… …Continue reading »

Video Blogobabble

Links: Fortune Cookie Betty’s Rock Bar Punch Face (the band we saw at Betty’s) LifeCasting (not this kind of Life Casting) Justin.TV (yeah, I have a crush on her)

Diamond Day

Damn, it’s after 6AM and I’ve been up all night. I finally got around to learning how to use Sony Vegas to edit my videos and I put this together, …Continue reading »

About Justin Jones

Why Don’t I have a Wikipedia page yet? I mean, come on fans — let’s make it happen! Here is a clip from my new about me page…fact or fiction…you …Continue reading »

NYE 08 Pics!

Hey all- I finally put up the pics from NYE 08 in San Francisco! thanks to everyone for a great time! [slideshow=2] This is just a sampling of some of …Continue reading »