The Road to Auckland

So Mimi and I have been cruising around the North Island for the last 2 weeks (almost) and everything was going very smoothly up until the other day…

So here is the latest update:

We left Wellington and cruised randomly around the North, visiting weird country townships and awesome cruisy beach towns.

We landed in New Plymouth for the weekend and partied with a local Maori guy and a Chinese guy, battling the likes of an aggressive German-Maori half breed who kept saluting to hitler and telling me how much he hated Americans.  There was also the Bouncer who tried to tell me my Diesel Jeans werent designer enough to get into his club. ha!

We meandered our way up the West Coast, and ended up in a mellow farmy hostel where we helped to nurse two abandoned lambs back to health. Driving was all fun, except for this one incident where we had to witness a gory accident. We are glad that we were able to help them out of the ruined pieces of burning metal, but dealing with the effects that followed was their suffering. We called an ambulance and police arrived at the scene. Due to the circumstances of the accident, an auto accident attorney was contacted.

We spelunked, swam, tubed, and crawled on our bellies through a cave in Waitomo –its called blackwater rafting, and its totally awesome.

Then my laptop crapped out — but luckily, I think its just the charger, and I’ve already got another one en route to Auckland where I’ll pick it up at the post office.  (Thanks Chris!  I owe you a prostitute.)


Mimi’s car broke down.  Just as we were driving the last few kilometers up highway 25 to reach our Cormandel destination of Cathedral Cove, the clutch gave out.  We called Towing 247 services and had them help us tow the car into town, then afterwards drop us off at a backpackers down the road.  It’s going to cost a few hundred dollars, but we’ll be back on the road tomorrow and on our way to Auckland.

Times up on the internet! Laters!

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