Top 5 Namibian Sights

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Michal Kniec Shares the best things to see in the southern African country of Namibia!

I was sitting at home, blissfully minding my own business, when my flat mate burst into the room and told me to start packing. Confused, I thought he was joking. As it happens he got tickets as a present from his family and decided to take me on a journey to Being the keen planner that I am, I created a list of the top 5 sights to see before we set off, and we managed to follow them exactly.

Day Safari

Landing in Swakopmund, we booked a Safari tour ahead of time, believing that it was an essential activity that needed doing. Most safaris cost anywhere between £100 to £300 depending on the tour,   Discover Namibia Day Safaris rested right in the middle. For a whole day we got to roam around in the wild with your own private entourage, looking at nature from a safe distance away. While the cost may be brought down if it is planned ahead of time, it is a truly necessary experience when visiting Namibia.

Visiting the Park

Keeping with the outdoor theme, we decided to visit the Etosha National park. Almost 20,000 sq. kilometers in size, it is placed amongst the world largest parks, with a great deal of different topology to explore while you there. Hundreds of different species to see, it allowed us to explore a little for ourselves, without the protection of a crew, a feel the unadulterated nature that is Africa.

The Springs

A local direct us to something very unique found in the heart of Namibia: a breathtaking hot springs. Located in Fish River Canoyon National Park, the springs heat up to nearly 60 degrees, making its Namibian name “Ai-ai,” meaning very hot, quite applicable. Not only a fantastic sight, all of this is pupped into baths for your pleasure, allowing your body to melt in a natural wonder.

A Bite to Eat

After so much exploring, it was time to settle down and grab something to eat. Namibian Restaurants offer a surprisingly wide array of style, from local to exquisite French cuisine. We choose something a little closer to home at Joe’s Beer House, specializing in all types of meat. Most burgers costing around £8, this quaint little place has a great reputation for beef, and after sampling it I would agree. An eatery to look out for in Windhoek, I would highly recommend it.


There are quite a few places to stay in Namibia, from the exclusive Hilton to local homes. While still in Windhoek, we booked the Hotel Pension Uhland ahead of time and found the £40 a night price tag to be a godsend. Large rooms and fantastic service, it was a great value for so many luxuries. With a great view from our windows, Namibia was a fantastic place to visit, creating memories that will surely last a lifetime.

Michal Kniec is a travel blogger and automotive news writer who still somehow finds the time to study law. Apart from his love of anything historic, he enjoys writing, creating music, and traveling as much as possible on this pale blue dot.

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