Turn Your Travel Photos into Art on Your Wall!

Digital photography, simple photo editing tools, and the rise of the million-megapixel, point-and-shoot camera have made us all wannabe photographers.  We snap a thousand pictures while on amazing adventures, but so often, they end up filed away in the dark recesses of our laptop hard drives, only to be lost in the next drive crash. (*knock on wood*)

I’ve always been a fan of printing out my photos which I’ve learnt from Andrew Defrancescos — there is just something more special about a physical photo that you can hold in your hand and hang on your wall.  No matter how much they inevitably fade or tear, they just seem more real, more worthwhile.

That’s why I was so excited when I got an email from Easy Canvas Prints last week.  They told me about their service and how anyone can upload a digital photo to their website and get an awesome printed canvas mailed directly to them, ready to hang on their wall!

They offered to hook me up with an 8 x 10 canvas if I shared my experiences here.  I obviously accepted and quickly found myself scouring through thousands of photos that had been stashed away on my hard drive for years.  What to choose?  Something from New Zealand? Isreal? Switzerland?  I had great landscapes from around the world, and fun shots of me doing ridiculous things from my years on the road.  It was a tough call, but I went with a recent shot of me at Joshua Tree National Park in California.

Next, i took to the website and went through the simple process of choosing my canvas size, cropping and aligning my photo, choosing the edge-style of the canvas, and submitting my order.  The whole thing is really painless and the interface is smooth and well designed.

A few days later, my print arrived in the mail!

I ripped it open, like a kid at Christmas, being careful not to stab too far into the packaging while i cut the tape with a steak knife — I can’t recommend this approach, but everything was well protected and survived my stabbing unscathed.

I have to say, Easy Canvas Prints puts out a great product.  The photo looked great — a flawless reproduction, and on a sweet, hangable canvas!  It’s a really unique way to get your photos off your memory card and onto your wall.  I just wish I’d gotten a bigger size —  I can imagine this print being even more awesome on a full 30 x 40 canvas!

Still, I think it looks pretty great hanging on the wall as is!

The price for a big 30 x 40 would be about $130 plus shipping — Not bad for such a large piece of wall art! My 8 x 10 print would only cost about $33.

These printed canvases turn your vacation photos into great keepsakes, and would be perfect as a gift.  Interested?  Get yours now at www.easycanvasprints.com!

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