4-Year Degrees Abroad


Every year, more and more American students choose to study abroad for a semester or for a year, but many Americans don’t know that they can pursue a 4 year degree abroad.

There are many options for students looking to spend all 4 years abroad. The first step would probably to learn the language of the place you’d like to study.

Want to live in Paris for 4 years while getting your degree? Well, you’d better start practicing your French! But even if you’re language skills are lacking, you can still find universities who do much of their teaching in English. In Paris, for example, you can apply to study at The American University of Paris. They are accredited in the US and offer 14 majors for a Bachelors degree, or you can go for one of 5 Masters degree programs.

Additionally, there is an American university in Rome, called John Cabot University, where Americans can earn a 4 year degree of just spend a summer studying in Rome. They actually hold classes amongst some of Rome’s amazing sites and monuments.

Another great place to check for 4 year universities that have English programs or accept international applicants is www.degreeabroad.com. They have partnerships with universities and educational institutions all over the world, including Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, and Switzerland.

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