back from oblivion

Christopher walkin is a badassWell hello there cats and kittens — I’m back.

“From where?” You might ask.

Well, I’m not sure exactly, but it was a strange and deranged world of too much booze and not enough real conscious thought. Sure, I’ve been thinking a lot, but it’s been a little too much Act 1 Hamlet, and not enough action. I think I’ve just been floating through life for the last few months, strapped into some kind of roller coaster trolley on a track that wound through some Blakean underworld with Mr. Toad at the helm. There were angels and there were demons and i think god was there but he looked like Christopher Walken circa 1980 and he was furious.

Clubs and pubs in LA, bars and bullshit in SF, and somehow the holiday season slipped by in the peripheral. The New Year passed with nondescript drunken haze (with the exception of one shining star) and here I am, standing at the edge of 2008 with a week-long hangover and a Bud Light in hand.

I keep asking myself what the plan is for 2008. Who knows? I’ll hit the road soon enough to escape this sorry excuse for California (what the hell happened to the sun?) and I’ll be reaching for the farthest-flung horizons. The South Pacific is calling my name and the siren song of adventure has corrupted my thoughts too fully for me to possibly ignore it any longer. I’m putting together the last few pieces of the puzzle and I’ll be announcing my plans soon enough.

Speaking of plans: I hate plans. But I do have a plan to overhaul this whole blogging fiasco and start writing more often — so prepare to be confused, annoyed, and amused. It’s sort of a New Years resolution (to write, confuse, annoy and amuse). And speaking of Resolutions: I hate those too. Why do I have to pretend that I’m going to quit smoking every year??

Christ, I sound bitter today. I guess life will do that to you sometimes.

Really, All is well. Thanks for stopping by!

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