Backpacking Vs. All-Inclusive – What’s Your Travel Style?

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A backpacker hiking in Beskid Niski - The Polish part of the Carpathian Mountains.Photo via Wikimedia, by Wojciech Kucharski

A backpacker hiking in Beskid Niski – The Polish part of the Carpathian Mountains.Photo via Wikimedia, by Wojciech Kucharski

For travelers, it’s not all about roughing it. Sometimes, there’s something rather comforting about indulging in an all-inclusive holiday. That’s not to say that backpacking doesn’t have its bonuses, too. But what are the need-to-know details for a first-time traveler?

Image from Virgin Holidays.

Image from Virgin Holidays.


While more people are leaning towards backpacking with the help from sites like for best reviews, it’s not uncommon to see people also enjoying all-inclusive holidays as it has been rising in popularity in recent years thanks to the ease and economy of an everything-included trip. So what’s the attraction?


An all-inclusive holiday will commonly include food, drinks, accommodation, flights and in-resort transfers. There is often the option of free trips to local areas and entertainment.

An all-inclusive holiday offers some real relaxation, since everything for the holiday is taken care of. Many resorts offer extras such as spa treatments and beauty salons, and most are located near to local amenities, which means during the day it’s simple enough to experience the local area.

Money Matters

As far as money goes, an all-inclusive trip gives holiday-makers peace of mind. Paying for everything up front is a great way to make a budget and stick to it, without the risk of missing out on exactly the kind of things which make a holiday great.

This is a main reason that all-inclusive holidays are so popular with families. Not worrying about getting the money together for meals gives parents one less thing to worry about.

Many holiday companies like Virgin Holidays now offer plenty of all-inclusive trips for holiday-makers, many of which are customizable. It’s always a good idea to shop around though, and find out for sure if an all-inclusive holiday is what you are after.


To start off your backpacking tour, the main thing to bear in mind is money. It’s of utmost importance to plan your budget well in advance, and have ample emergency money aside should you find yourself in a tight spot.

Many backpackers revel in the freedom of travelling alone, and enjoy the interactions and experiences they encounter along the way. It’s not necessarily the most comfortable way to travel – especially if you’re journeying on a shoestring and are staying in hostels – but many argue that it’s the only way to experience a country in full.

Don’t Want to Go it Alone?

Backpacking tours are available for those who wish to experience countries without the risk of getting lost on the way. Many tour organizers offer various rates of luxury, but most backpackers will chose the basics to really get into the adventure that such an activity offers.

There’s plenty of variety on offer, and many operators will construct a tour which encompasses a great deal of the culture, art and experiences a certain country has to offer. If you’re planning on travelling alone, all that research has to be done beforehand by yourself.

Travelling with a backpacking tour means that you can get to know the people you travel with, make new friends and learn from their stories. It’s not uncommon for backpackers who have met on a tour to meet up again for another.

As far as safety goes, any backpacker travelling alone needs to be fully aware of the areas they travel. Again, this is often why a backpacking tour is chosen – a tour guide knows each area well, and won’t lead you anywhere where your security may be compromised.

What do you prefer: backpacking, backpacking tours, or all-inclusive holidays?

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