Baxter came home from the vet today. He has a pin going lengthwise through his femur, and a metal plate along the outside of the bone, attached with 8 screws.  The incision on his thigh is about 8 inches long and held closed with 29 staples.  Its going to leave a massive scar, for sure – what a bad-ass!

The total cost of the surgery was outrageous!  over $5300, all in all.  But you can’t put a price on the life or limb of a furry friend like good old Baxter.  Your kind words and generosity is much appreciated, I assure you that!  THANK YOU!

The vet prescribed a a strong pain killer, as well as an inti-inflammatory and and antibiotic.  Baxter is nice and doped up, sleeping on the couch right now – he’s got a long road to recovery, but he gets to keep his life and his leg – yay!

Thanks again for all your support!

here are a couple new pics of the incision and the doped up doggie.


Original Post:

Baxter, our beloved dog got hit by a car today, 12/10/2010.  Whoever hit him just kept driving and never looked back. He is alive, but his leg was badly broken.  The break requires surgery, a metal plate, screws, and it is going to cost thousands of dollars.  We’ve already paid close to $4,000 and there will most likely be more to pay — I’ll know more on Monday.  The total estimate is closer to $5,500.  The only other options are amputation or euthanasia.

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Thanks you for your kindness, thoughtful words, and support.  I love you all!

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  • FearfulGirl

    Whoa, poor Baxter! That looks intense.
    “But you can’t put a price on the life or limb of a furry friend like good old Baxter.” — I completely agree. Dogs are people too.

  • Justin Jones

    You’ll be happy to know that Baxter is doing much better since the accident last month. He still has a bad limp, but he is healing well and his spirits are high! He is even back to barking at the electric garage door every time it opens! Poor little guy is baffled by that door, haha :)