Baxter came home from the vet today. He has a pin going lengthwise through his femur, and a metal plate along the outside of the bone, attached with 8 screws.  The incision on his thigh is about 8 inches long and held closed with 29 staples.  Its going to leave a massive scar, for sure – what a bad-ass!

The total cost of the surgery was outrageous!  over $5300, all in all.  But you can’t put a price on the life or limb of a furry friend like good old Baxter.  Your kind words and generosity is much appreciated, I assure you that!  THANK YOU!

The vet prescribed a a strong pain killer, as well as an inti-inflammatory and and antibiotic.  Baxter is nice and doped up, sleeping on the couch right now – he’s got a long road to recovery, but he gets to keep his life and his leg – yay!

Thanks again for all your support!

here are a couple new pics of the incision and the doped up doggie.


Original Post:

Baxter, our beloved dog got hit by a car today, 12/10/2010.  Whoever hit him just kept driving and never looked back. He is alive, but his leg was badly broken.  The break requires surgery, a metal plate, screws, and it is going to cost thousands of dollars.  We’ve already paid close to $4,000 and there will most likely be more to pay — I’ll know more on Monday.  The total estimate is closer to $5,500.  The only other options are amputation or euthanasia.

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Thanks you for your kindness, thoughtful words, and support.  I love you all!

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