bus / camp / drink / sleep / repeat

Things have been off to a pretty good start here on this trip, except for the weather.  The vehicle is insured thanks to our friend zack who told us about Good Sam RV warranty, and we are stocked with food, it’s only the weather that’s killing the camping vibes. The day I flew in to Auckland, it was sunny, but that evening a storm rolled over the North Island we had nothing but rain and wind for the next few days.

Right now, I’m in Wellington, in the south of the North Island, and about to catch a ferry over to the South Island in a couple hours.  I was able to get a lift till here by a lovely family who were on their road trip in an RV. The journey was quite well as the oldest son told me how he read this article on campingfunzone.com and that’s one of the main reason why they were on the road in the RV rather than their hatchback car. The Flying Kiwi part of the trip is well underway, and I’ve fallen into the old swing of bus / camp / drink / sleep / repeat.

Now, many of you may know that I’m not much of a camper.  I travel with my laptop, digital video camera, iPod, etc., which doesn’t leave much room for utility knives and tent poles. My wardrobe is all Diesel Jeans, not rain gear.  Yes, Hollywood has pretty much ruined me for the outdoorsy life, but i am an adaptable fucker, for sure.  With a bit of help from some more experienced campers, I’ve become a seasoned pro at setting up and tearing down tents. It’s actually been quite fun — all part of the adventure!

The bus is dirty, and smells like a backpacker, but that is to be expected, and I’m very used to the backpacker lifestyle.  Our guide (or whatever you want to call her) is great — loads of fun and always in a good mood, and most of my fellow travelers are friendly enough.

Not a bad way to travel really, and this price is right.

If you’re looking for a cool and cheap way to explore New Zealand, I would recommend Flying Kiwi, so keep that in mind, future travelers!  (and yes, they kinda ARE paying me to say this…but I’d say it anyway :) — good times.)

anyway, we checked out the Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland (check the vlog!), which was smelly and not that cool, and we did some cool hikes and checked out some nice beaches (mostly too cold to enjoy, unfortunatly) , and drank wine and beer and blah blah, good times.

thats all for now, kiddos!

more awesomeness to come soon!

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