Planning a Trip Backpacking Abroad

So, you’re ready to strap on that overstuffed backpack and take a trip overseas. Maybe you’ll make it a euro-trip, hopping Eurail trains and sipping café au lait in Parisian …Continue reading »

Decisions, Chance and Happenstance

I hate making decisions for myself. Whenever I’m faced with a real decision, my overly analytical mind will start churning with discomfort while weighing options and figuring in consequence. This …Continue reading »

B-Listers and Little Burgers

Leave it to me to have the most stereotypical of LA experiences, the minute I get back in town. No, I wasn’t beaten by the cops or “discovered” as the …Continue reading »


Check out this video from my first day in Malaysia. I was staying in a hotel just outside Kuala Lumpur — a real classy place, 5 stars and all that. …Continue reading »