Goodbye Nelson

The alarm on my cell phone started to scream out its obnoxious and terrible song. A combination of pulsing vibrato and too-cheerful music – the only thing that can really wake me up in the morning. I stumbled out of bed and fumbled to the kitchen to brew myself a cup of ambition.Continue reading »

Working in Blenheim

Blenheim is one of those towns that doesn’t really need to exist. It’s like the service station / rest stop / roach motel encampments that spring up at the halfway point of a long and dusty road. These towns only exist out of necessity – like a trade-route settlement in the middle of the desert. Continue reading »

The Palace

The Palace was the kind of place where you felt immediately at home, and at the same time, immediately out of place. It was the kind of hostel where everyone seemed to already know each other, which can make the new nomad on the block feel a bit like an outsider. Continue reading »

Hitching Up New Zealand’s West Coast

So I’m hitchhiking up the West Coast of New Zealand’s south Island and I get dropped off somewhereoutside the picturesque little lakeside town of Wanaka,  where an endless winding road …Continue reading »

live it, love it… but for god’s sake, don’t forget to blog it!

As usual, I have to apologize for being such a slack blogger. You probably know by now that when I’m not updating the blog, I’m out living life… and loving every minute of it. When you’re having fun, exploring the world, meeting great people, and drinking local brews with local booze-hounds…Continue reading »