Free and Cheap Things to do in Paris, France

I was recently asked to join WebJet for a recorded hangout about Paris. In the video below, we chat about 3 myths that keep people from visiting Paris – and why those myths aren’t exactly true.

Here’s the video:

To go along with the chat, I’ve put together this list of free and cheap things to do in Paris. Remember, WebJet is giving away 2 Free tickets to Paris!  Don’t miss your chance to enter.

 Free and Chip things to do in Paris

The Eiffel Tower, as seen from the champ de Mars in Paris. Photo via Wikimedia, by LeCardinal.

The Eiffel Tower, as seen from the champ de Mars in Paris. Photo via Wikimedia, by LeCardinal.


The first free thing I recommend for just about any city is to go for a walk. Paris is an incredible city to explore on foot because it’s made up of a bunch of unique districts. Paris is a very photogenic city, so be sure to bring your camera. A walk along the Seine Rive never disappoints. You can crisscross between the Left and Right Banks on the over 30 bridges that connect the city – the Pont Neuf is over 400 years old!

Frommers offers a free and awesome walking tour that you can find on their website.

The Notre Dame Cathedral

The iconic, French Gothic Notre Dame Cathedral is competes with the Eiffel Tower as one of the most visited sites in Paris. But many people don’t know that this incredible building doesn’t charge admission. You do have to pay if you want to climb to the top of the tower, but most of the building is free to enter. But don’t neglect the exteriour – some of the most incredible gargoyles can be found on the outside of the Cathedral.

The Eiffel Tower

Yes, it’s expensive to get to the top of the Eiffel Tower, but you know the photo op you really want is with the tower in the background. Hanging out around the Eiffel Tower in the Champ de Mars is always free – And it’s a great place for a picnic and picture perfect views of the tower. Be sure to come back at night to see the tower lit up and sparkling!

Jim Morrisons ever-changing memorial. Photo via Wikimedia, by torbakhopper.

Jim Morrisons ever-changing memorial. Photo via Wikimedia, by torbakhopper.

Okay, this one is a little creepy, and most of you wouldn’t think to visit a cemetery on vacation, but not only is Père Lachaise Cemetery a beautiful place to visit, but it’s also the final resting place for many famous people. You can visit the graves of  Proust, Oscar Wilde, Chopin, Gertrude Stein, and even Jim Morrison, the famous singer of The Doors. Morrison’s grave is often covered with graffiti and littered with cigarettes and empty bottles of booze, left by adoring fans.

Musée Carnavalet

This museum may be less hyped than the Louvre or the Musée d’Orsay, but it’s well worth a visit, especially considering admission to the permanent collection is always free. The museum itself is a piece of history, built into two beautiful mansions in the Marais district. The collection shows a history of Paris from its founding to present.

Place des Vosges

The Place des Vosges is Paris’s oldest square, and it’s a great place to chill out, have a picnic, and listen to some of the city’s best street musicians. Nearby, there are art galleries which are also free to visit.

Free Museum Days

If you plan your trip right, you can see Paris’s most famous museums for free! On the first Sunday of every month, many Parisian Museums offer free admission to all. This includes The Louvre (where you can see the Mona Lisa!) and the Musée d’Orsay (home to Starry Night.). Arrive early but don’t expect to succeed in dodging the crowds.

That’s it for this list, but there are lots of other free and cheap things to do in Paris. What’s your favorite free Parisian site?

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