Goodbye Nelson

The alarm on my cell phone started to scream out its obnoxious and terrible song.  A combination of pulsing vibrato and too-cheerful music – the only thing that can really wake me up in the morning.  I stumbled out of bed and fumbled to the kitchen to brew myself a cup of ambition.  It was leaving old Nelson town behind in just a few hours, and I still had a lot to get done.

Mimi had returned from Australia a few days prior, and together we would be road-tripping through the North Island, en route to Auckland.  I said a lot of goodbyes (I really will miss you all), had a very boozy going away party (Jaeger Bombs and Black Sambuca…gag.), and once again packed my life into a backpack. 

That morning I ran around the house like a maniac, trying to figure out how to make everything fit in my bag and find the things that I didn’t want to leave behind… and find the words to say goodbye to the people I didn’t want to leave behind.

regardless, I’ve hit the road with Mimi, and it does feel good to be back on the move!  We cruised though the Marlborough Sounds via Queen Charlotte Dr. I nice scenic drive.  Then we hopped on the ferry and in a few hours we were lost in the rain in Wellington.

We’re staying at Elle’s place, an awesome cavernous flat that reminds me of my old life in Los Angeles. The fridge is covered with sharpie markings from visitors and tenants pas — silly sayings, words of wisdom, and penis drawings.  One phrase summed it up nicely.  “It’s like the perfect flat, only with less perfection and more drugs.”  Oh, how I miss my old life in the big city.

But I think I’ve become too accustomed to small town life.  From Nelson to wellington was quite a culture shock.  there are loud noises and tall buildings and busses everywhere.  there are punked out kids on street corners smoking cigarettes and and there are shops that stay open past 6PM.  All the modern conveniences and and gritty realities that you really grow to love when living in a city.  Definitly a change from my cruisy life in Nelson.

Cant write anymore, as I’m back working at internet cafes and my time is up!

Next stop: No one knows!

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