Help Camp Ohana’s Clean Water Project in Kenya

I know you hear about saving starving children and providing clean water and stopping genocide and all the rest of the world’s problems all the time.  And it can be pretty easy to tune it all out.  We’ve all got our own problems to focus on, sure, but it’s sometimes it’s good to just give.

The Camp Ohana Foundation needs your help, but don’t worry – they aren’t asking for money.  All they want is about 2 minutes of your time.

“When we win, you will know it was because of you.”

-Stephanie Arne

 Camp Ohana is a foundation focused on helping orphaned Kenyans to develop into adults who are successful, compassionate leaders in their communities and in an increasingly globalized world. One of the first steps in that process is to provide these orphans with a clean an healthy place to live – and that all starts with water.  Luckily, Camp Ohana has been nominated for the Vivint Gives Back competition and they could win a $200,000 donation to go towards their current projects in Kenya, including building a well that would provide water to over 200 Kenyans!

My friend Stephanie Arne is an instrumental part of Camp Ohana, and she asked me to reach out to my readers to help them get votes. When she wrote to me to ask for help spreading the word, she said, “When we win, you will know it was because of you.” Well, dear readers – it will be because of YOU too!  Time is precious, I know that, and so does Stephanie and the rest of the camp staff.  But if you take 2 minutes of your time to help vote for Camp Ohana, you could literally change the lives of hundreds of people, almost instantly.  And that’s pretty damn awesome.

Here’s the deal:

  • Go here:
  • You will be prompted to “Connect” with your Facebook – do it! These guys aren’t spammers, so don’t stress.
  • Next, you will be prompted to LIKE the Vivint page, you can do this right there on the LIKE button, provided on the page – easy peasy.
  • Next, you’ll need to click the Nominate / Endorse thing.
  • Select the Eastern Region (that’s pretty important) and find Camp Ohana Foundation and Endorse them!
  • And when you click Endorse, share that thing on your wall!  tell your friends that you’re an awesome person who supports good charities and maybe a few of them will vote too! Help spread the word – we’ll love you for it.

To make it to round 2, they need to be in the top 20 for the Eastern Region. So they need all the help they can get!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and hopefully to vote and spread the word.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Stephanie Arne, Director of Micro-Donations and Social Media for the Camp Ohana Foundation at SArne{at}

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