Home is where the Kiwis are.

Well, hello from Auckland, NZ!

Yes, thats right folks, after months of jibber jabber and blah blah blah, I finally made it! My flight landed early this morning, and I’ve just been walking around Auckland for the last few hours, trying to shake this jet lag and get my bearings. Actually, the jet lag isnt too bad at all — NZ is only 4 hours behind California, but we are one day ahead (which is weird) — so actually, i’m just tired because I didn’t sleep well on the plane, or much at all for the last week.

Anyway, I’ve been hanging out with a couple of German guys I met on the shuttle from the airport, and right now were all just getting our internet fix (myspace fix), and chilling out at the hostel.

almost out of time, so I gotta run!

will update later with a video blog.

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