My escape to Mexico for the winter


Many of you know that I’ve been plotting my escape from so-called-sunny California for quite some time. Winters always get me down, and the sunshine, cervezas, and senoritas south of the border are always calling my name. So I finally took the plunge, packed up my life, and hopped on a flight to Cancun.  Yes, amigos, Cancun, Mexico – where the beer flows like something incredibly flowy and (as made obvious by that lazy simile) the creativity and motivation is subsequently sapped from your body by the blazing sunny days and late, humid nights.  And yes, if you’re wondering, the sexy coeds still get as weird and as wild here as they did 10 years ago when I first came to this Spring Breaker’s paradise.

When I first arrived in Cancun, I was a guest of The Grand Oasis Hotel Resort.  I was there to write an article about Spring Break in Cancun, so of course, I got straight to work researching, which of in this case consisted of tequila shots and cervezas at the VIP bar with long-time booze buddy and co-conspirator, Johnny, aka Los Angeles-based superstar  DJ IV Legend.

The resort is huge — an intoxicating maze of bars, clubs, and top notch restaurants.  The whole place is centered around a massive pyramid, reminiscent of the Temple of Kukulkan at the nearby Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza . The Grand Oasis is like the Riviera Maya version of Las Vegas’ Luxor, complete with the endless supply of drinks and excellent entertainment. They a Cirque du Soleil style aerial show and the fire performance rivaled some of my favorite Burning Man fire specticals!

And for the few hours when I was actually awake (and not working – we did have to do some site-visits and schmoozing) the pristine white sands and mindbogglingly-blue waters were a big draw for this lazy sun-seeker!

The good?

The Grand Oasis Hotel Resort offers a really fun experience (especially for a budget-minded all inclusive resort) and I had a blast checking out everything they had to offer, from the wild bars to the fine dining restaurants.

The Bad?

I left my hat on the bar while I was dancing an the madness at the Foam Party, and it left the bar on someone else’s head.  Luckily it was a surrogate hat, and I left my favorite hat at home. Unluckily, I really, really liked it.  Bummer.



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