Just after 2am, my booze-clouded mind convinced me that it would be a good idea to walk home from the bar.

It was New Years and I had somehow gotten separated from the pack and was sitting alone at a private booth in the Cabana Club on Sunset and Ivar. The table was strewn with empty bottles of beer, booze and chasers. It was beautiful.

Amongst the empties I noticed an almost full bottle of Kettle one, which I proceeded to shove down my pants. The night was over and the bottle was already paid for, so I didn’t feel bad for swiping it. (Kenny, I owe you a bottle of Kettle).

Anyway, I looked around for my friends outside, but didn’t see anyone. The cab situation was impossible, so I thought I would just walk down the street to hail a cab there. With the bottle still shoved down the front of my pants, I stumbled forward and started walking. I was distracted by my drunken state and an equally drunken text conversation, and I suddenly I found myself at the corner of Ivar and Melrose, with no cabs in sight.

Walking became a mission. I just kept going, plodding forward. I was alone, drunk, a bit cold, and yes, I still had a bottle of Kettle One shoved down the front of my pants. I can’t think of a more ridiculous, or more “me” thing to do on Newyears (yeah, I’m weird like that). All in all I walked total of 4.3 miles (according to google maps). I stopped once to buy a pack of cigarettes and once to pee in an alley. It took about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Happy Nears everyone!

Check out all my pictures from New Years at the Cabana Club on Flikr.

I’m headed to London tomorrow, so expect a jet lagged update at some point.


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