in the desert

The phone rang at 4:45AM and I shot out of bed and grabbed the receiver. The person on the line said something in Hebrew and hung up. It took me …Continue reading »


The city of Jerusalem is unlike any place I’ve ever been. The layers of history run deep in this city, and it’s hard to fully appreciate it all in just …Continue reading »


My flight landed at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport at 4:30 AM. In a groggy haze, I made my way through the airport, not looking forward to the customs checkpoint. …Continue reading »

London Still..

The last couple of days it has been nice to just chill out in London. I convinced Jocelyn to extend her stay and hang out for a couple days, intending …Continue reading »

Back to London

This Contiki fiasco is finally coming to an end, and the camaraderie is in full swing as people take group photos, exchange emails, and make plans to visit each other …Continue reading »