Race Around the World

In December, 2008, I challenged Lou to a race around the world – possibly the coolest idea I’ve ever had. And she accepted.

You can check out the blog about how the idea for the big race was hatched (and yes, it involved alcohol).

The following is a list of locations and missions that Lou and I decided on.  There is no order, and no time limit for the race.  The first to complete all 5 tasks wins, and the loser must buy the winner a plane ticket to wherever we decide to meet up.


Location: Sydney, Australia
Mission: Get a photo of yourself in front of the Sydney Opera House, naked.
Mission Completed by Justin! Click the thumbnail for the full sized photo!

Location: China
Mission: Skateboard on the Great Wall – just part of it… and get a picture.

Location: Peru
Mission: Hallucinate by drinking Ayahuasca (“The Spirit vine”).

Location: Sweden
Mission: Have sex with a Swede (tall, blond). Must provide post-coital photographic evidence.

Location: Madagascar
Mission: Volunteer.

Location: Bombay, India
Mission: Go to Leopolds in Bombay and have a drink for Linbaba.