Radical Travel Podcast: Granada, Nicaragua: Culture, Chaos, and Coffee with a Cause!

Listen Here: Granada, Nicaragua: Culture, Chaos, and Coffee with a Cause!

(See the Granada photo album, and hear Street Poet, John Oliver’s poem)

Join your favorite travel junkie, Justin Jones, as he takes Radical Travel back on the road, and travels to Granada, Nicaragua. Learn a little bit about Nicaraguan culture, from hectic markets to multicultural bars to ancient churches and Caribbean street poets. Have a cup of strong Nicaraguan coffee with Tio Antonio, of Cafe de las Sonrisas, a cafe where all the workers are deaf and mute. Learn a little bit of history about Granada’s churches, and a crazy-but-true fact about freshwater sharks, living in Lake Nicaragua!  Hear a great travel tip from Monica Sundem from Adventure Life with a tip about how to get the most out of Central America’s markets.
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