Reconciling with the Digital World…and Hello from Ohio

Well, It’s that time of year again and I’m back in Ohio, grinding out the travel fair circuit.

First of all, I have to apologize for the brief hiatus. In a cloud of exhaustion, made foggier by the previous night’s consumption of The Glenlivet,I managed to leave my laptop power cable and my cellphone charger in my hotel in Bowling Green Ohio.  Yes, I am an idiot.  so for the past few days, I was powerless (literally) to update my blog, check my email, or my Myspace or my CouchSurfing or my Matador Travel account (check that one out) or watch streaming episodes of Prison Break online.

It was incredibly frustration.  In this, the digital age, the erra of mobile broadband, iPods, social networking, Flickr accounts, online dating, there is really no worse thing than to take away someones access to the internet. Feelings of inadequacy no longer come from lacking physical strength, or wit, but from lacking harddrive space to RAM. well, maybe that is an exaggeration, but I really did feel pretty helpless out there in the real world without my laptop juiced up and ready to go.

So after countless phone calls to the hotel and to local branches of Fedex Kinkos, I got my chargers shipped to Columbus just hours before my flight back to Los Angeles.  And here I am, recharging my various devices and reintegrating myself into the digital world that I love so much, while sitting in an airport terminal, bootlegging free wifi.

in many ways, my e-social life is very important to me.  I travel so much that I rarely get to see my friends and family.  when you’re constantly on the road, its easy to feel lonely, but with the web you can stay always stay connected.  My mom reads my blogs (hi mom!), and I’m always connected to my friends via some social networking platform, no matter what country i happen to be in. I try to balance my e-life with my IRL-life (thats In Real Life – Life, for you non-geeks), but for long stints of bouncing between small midwstern towns and far flung international cities, the digital world certainly does have its bennifits — so lets just say, I’m glad to be back!

Anyway, my plane is about to board and I’m on my way back to Los Angles for a short stint. So, saying hello from Ohio, while saying goodbye to Ohio, this is Justin Jones, signing off.

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  • Chelsea

    Ah Justin, good to see you on here- I find your blogs entertaining, and in regards to the comments on feeling inadequate without connection- I couldn’t agree more- it’s a bit scary actually, I think internet cleanses are healthy, to remember that we are in fact capable without technology. ha. I hope your flight was good- don’t you have some reason to come to Colorado….some hike to take, or water to raft, or pub to hit up…? I think if you’re feeling adventurous you should find a reason. :) Hope all is shining for you.

  • Kevin

    Hi Justin!

    Damn how much did it cost to have your chargers shipped over to you?

    Sucks bro :)

  • Pisanu for BISEAN

    *gasp* Professional hooligan? — I think I wanna invite you over to the SEA Games in Bangkok this December. lol.

    Hey dude! Thanks for visiting our blog. We got so much respect to travel bloggers like you. We’ll frequent here man! :-)