Review: Going Green in Yorkshire

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The county of Yorkshire is considered by many to be the greenest region in England. There are vast stretches of verdant countryside in the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors, and even the cities have open layouts with plenty of parks and hillsides throughout. Yorkshire is aptly named for the city of York, a small but lively city of 137,000 people, and there is lots to see. From Roman ruins to the York Dungeon, to trendy shops, cafes, and bars, York has a little bit of everything to offer.

Interesting (and semi-relevant) Fact: Yorkshire is the home of York, but contrary to popular assumption (or at least my own personal assumption) New York wasn’t actually named for Yorkshire’s ye olde city of York. In fact, America’s New York was named to honor James II, Duke of York and the brother of King Charles II. Yeah, I don’t really get it either.

If you’re looking for accommodation Yorkshire, you’ll want to look no further than holiday cottages Yorkshire Dales. The Dales offer visitors a perfect base for exploring the region’s outdoor attractions, including lots of walking and cycling tracks. There are many Castles, Abbeys and historic Homes that are great photo ops. And fear not, my fellow drinking travelers – there are pubs abound!

Another great jumping off point for visiting Yorkshire is the village of Grassington. Grassington is yet another English town with a charmingly cool name, although the village itself is slightly less grassy than you’d imagine.  It’s also the main tourist hub in Northern Yorkshire’s Upper Wharfedale area (that’s a mouthful!) and its walkable, cobblestoned town square offers a charming selection of shops and eateries. Grassington cottages offer visitors great places to stay while visiting the town and the nearby villages of Linton, Threshfield, Hebden, Conistone and Kilnsey. Yet another jump off point form Yorkshire is the Isle of Wight, you can click here to visit Fairway Holiday Park Isle Of Wight, as it is one of the most beautiful cottages you can ever visit. The island is also filled with dinosaurs fossils. Sitting by the beach can make your trip complete.  Wikipedia says that Yorkshire is sometimes nicknamed “God’s Own County.” It definitely seems to be a beautiful place to visit, and nothing against rolling green hills and grazing sheep (you all know I love my nature), but if I was god, my own country would be a bit beachier and probably have more scantily clad women and less sheep, but to each his own!

That being said, there’s nothing more rejuvenating than lush hillsides and green getaways — so check it out!

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