Review: Wales! The UK’s Best Kept Secret?

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Wales is known as much for it’s strange accent (although they all sound strange to us yanks) as it is for its natural beauty. Many travelers are drawn to Wales because it is culturally quite different from the rest of the United Kingdom. The Welsh capital of Cardiff has had a reputation for being an industrial city, but the days of rough and tumble dock workers and soot-smeared coal miners have long since faded and Cardiff might just surprise you. It has grown into a much more cosmopolitan and touristic city. Summer sunshine brings tourists from across the UK and beyond to enjoy music festivals, dining, and nightlife.  Many areas of the city are now pedestrian-only, making them great for wandering and mingling with the locals.

Cardiff itself actually has the most green space per person in the UK, and visitors like to soak up some sun on the grass of Bute park, located next to the castle – a beautiful location, despite the fact that the city’s main highways converge here.

If you’re planning a holiday in Wales, you’ll want to check out some of the Welsh cottages that are available for rent across the region, from the Isle of Anglesey to Snowdonia, Pembrokeshire National Park, and the more secluded Brecon Beacons.

One of the most popular destinations in Wales is Snowdonia National Park, which is has some of the area’s most breathtaking scenery. Visitors will enjoy lakes, castles, waterfalls, and of course Snowdonia’s namesake, Snowdon — the highest mountain in Wales at 3,560 feet. There are plenty of Cottages in Snowdon and the surrounding area where travelers can stay for a few days or a few weeks to enjoy the hiking, mountain climbing and white-water kayaking.  Or just soak up the surreal scenery and traditional Welsh lifestyle.

Wales is often overlooked by travelers, especially those of us coming from America, but it certainly has a lot to offer, and if you have time – it should definitely be on your itinerary.

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