Spain’s Costa Cálida, The Warm Coast.

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I love Spain and I’ve spent a lot of time traveling throughout the country, from Catalonia to Granada to Andalusia. But there’s another region that might not be on everyone’s radar: The Costa Cálida, The Warm Coast. If you want to learn Spanish at your own pace without pressure, you should consider enrolling in this curso de español.

The Costa Cálida is a stretchof about 150 miles of Mediterranean coastline. As the name suggests, The Warm Coast region of Spain is warmer than most other areas. It has it’s own micro-climate that features warm and dry weather, making it perfect for beach holidays – especially for sun-seekers like me!

Spain is also a great area for property due to the low prices, have a look for example at the property prices in Costa del Sol, Spain as you can find some real bargains there.

A panoramic view of La Manga del Mar Menor in Murcia, Spain. Photo via Wikimedia / Frajper.

A panoramic view of La Manga del Mar Menor in Murcia, Spain. Photo via Wikimedia / Frajper.


Accommodation can range from hotels, villas, and guest houses rural cottages and camp sites. The Murcia region (where the Costa Cálida is located) is home to some unique specialty cuisine.


The region produces a lot of vegetables, so just about every dish has a healthy portion of veg. Be sure to try the Michirones (ham and chorizo stews) and the Chuletas de Cordero al Ajo Cabañi” are lamb chops served with a garlic, vinegar, and a bay leaf dressing. There are also lots of unique cheeses and great tapas to try!

Mar Menor at sunset. Photo via Wikimedia / Alexanderscottgray.

Mar Menor at sunset. Photo via Wikimedia / Alexanderscottgray.


The wine of Murcia has an interesting history. Up until very recently, the wine from Murcia was known to be very strong, with a high alcohol content and prone to rapid oxidation – i.e. not good. This was due to the arid climate and old production styles still being used, but in recent years, things have changed a lot. Now you can find great local wines that will satisfy even the most discerning palate.


If you’re looking for fun, nightlife and entertainment, your best bets are Cartegena and Mar Menor. The stretch of sand from Cape Palos to Veneziola Golf is the best place for pristine sandy beaches, luxury hotels, and villas, as well as touristy locales and nightlife. Check out La Manga club for golf, tennis, world class restaurants, and fun, funky bars. There is also plenty of shopping and some spectacular beaches.

If you’re traveling through Spain, stopping in Murcia to check out the Costa Cálida, is a great idea. From the beaches to the food to the wine and the local culture, you’ll get a look at a side of Spain that many travelers miss out on.

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