just a quick update.

I made it safely back to the states and I’m currently in Los Angeles.  All in all, the Malaysia trip was great — a perfect mixture of work and party.

I just updated my Flickr account with the pics — they arent ordered or captioned yet, but check out the slide show here!

actually, i probably could have used a couple days off throughout the trip — I was running on all cylinders for a bit too long and I think I overdid it.  By the time my flight landed at LAX, my body was so worn down that it literally just crashed. I got a fever, runny nose, achy muscles and bones, and worst of all, a pretty bad cough.  My lungs were so weak from the last month of smoking sub par cigarettes that they couldn’t fight off the sickness.

So, I’ve been completely miserable for the last few days, drinking green tea, popping echinatea pills, and lying on the couch all day watching TV. I’m feeling much better today, but the cough is still lingering.

on the bright side, I “quit” smoking again.  This probably contributed to my speedy recovery from this sickness.  The last time I got this sick, it took a lot longer to recuperate, and it was a lot worse — granted, i was stranded in a snow storm in Milwaukee Wisconsin… but yeah. read about it here.

I quit on the 16th — so yeah, 5 days, going strong!

Anyway, all is well and i’m as close to home as a nomad can get.  Future plans are shaping and the horizon looks promising.  it doesnt look like I’ll be in California for long before I hit the road again.

See you at the crossroads!

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