Study Abroad in Italy

If you’re looking to study abroad, study abroad in Italy is as good a choice as any. There are now study abroad options in just about any country that you would want to go to. If you do study abroad in Italy, you’ll be able to enjoy the Italian culture, the Italian food, and you’ll be immersed in the Italian language. This is a major benefit and a major difficulty to studying abroad in a country that doesn’t speak your local lingo. You’ll have to learn on your feet, but it will be worth it in the end.

There are loads of study abroad programs in Italy, just check the web and see what you can find.

Here are what some of our readers had to say about Study Abroad in Italy:

Lincoln said, “I wouldn’t trade my year of studying in Italy for all the tagliatelle ai funghi in the world! I would say the most important aspect of the study abroad experience is to keep an open mind…Remember: you are a guest in another country. Respect your host and be thankful for the invite!”

Katie said, “Most study abroad opportunities fade after college. Not mine. I searched for international American-accredited Master’s Degrees and found a perfect solution in the heart of Italy.”

After Studying abroad in Italy, Kristen said, “Flooded with questions upon my return, my favorite was, ‘What did you study while in Italy?’ My simple reply: ‘How to live in Italy and I have so much more to learn.’”


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