Study Abroad in Spain

If I were back in college, and had the opportunity to study abroad, I would be hard pressed to find a better study abroad destination than Spain. Having traveled through much of this beautiful and diverse country, I can definitively say that Spain is an amazing place with a lot to offer any traveler or study abroad participant.

One thing that I noticed that seemed to define the Spanish culture was the escalator etiquette. In the London, if you stand on the right side of a Tube station escalator, you’ll get run down by a mob of briefcase-wielding business men and various other frenzied pedestrians. It is very organized – stand on the left, walk on the right, and don’t screw up! In Spain, the scene is quite different. People stand with legs and arms spread, in defiance. The mindset seems to be, “if the stairs are moving on their own, why should I walk up them?” And trying to push past is almost a futile endeavor. You’ll get that look that says, “where do you have to be that’s so important?”

Beside the Bob Marley-mellow vibe, Spain also has some interesting culture, amazing food, beautiful beaches, great weather, and the nightlife, well that’s a whole other blog. Anyone interested in studying abroad in Spain should still intend to take their classes seriously. You’ll be able to get a lot out of your time abroad in Spain if you work hard at your classes, learn the local language, and put aside a bit of time for fun as well.

The laid back atmosphere doesn’t mean that it’s all one big party, but if you study abroad in Spain and don’t sample the tapas bars and all-night clubs, you’ll be missing out on one of the most fun parts of the Spanish cultural experience!

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