Study Abroad Internships

If you’re tired of your pencils, books and all the collegiate shrapnel of university life, you might want to consider taking a semester abroad. Not only will you get a break from your worn-out college routine and get to travel some exciting new (hopefully sunny / beachy) location, but study abroad can also give you a workforce advantage for those post-college years.

Students who study abroad can add international experience to their resumes, even if they don’t complete internships or job training overseas. The fact that they were willing and able to adjust and learn in a foreign environment, and the fact that they have experience and knowledge of other cultures makes them more attractive to employers.

If you want to really boost your resume status, try looking for an internship to go along with your study abroad program. Check the career center at your host college, or hop on the web and do some searches. Study abroad internships are a great way to further your cultural immersion and really learn something about the place you are living, all while boosting your resume. You’ll meet people on a professional level as well as a social level, and you’ll learn a thing or two about international corporate culture. Internships while studying abroad can open some amazing opportunities for future employment, at home, and abroad.

But if you’re not thinking about the post college years yet, you should still study abroad. You should study abroad to break out of the monotony of frat parties and physics classes and go experience a new culture, a new bar scene, and make new friends in foreign lands!

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