Sydney’s Top 5 Hotels

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Guy Arnold shares some of his favorite hotels in Sydney,  Australia.

My destination, Sydney, boasts some of the world’s most famous landmarks. I’ve never felt classier than reclining on a sun-lounger on the roof of my hotel on a warm evening, looking out over the harbour at the iconic bridge and opera house. Here are my top five hotels in Sydney:

Holiday Inn Old Sydney

With welcoming staff and nicely furnished interiors, this place was perfectly situated right among the hustle and bustle of town. There are shops, restaurants, bars and cafes all on the doorstep, and it overlooks the harbour, providing quality views from the rooftop heated pool. My room was fitted with speedy Wi-Fi; there was a restaurant at the hotel, as well as a laundry service, bar-lounge and room service with which I got rather accustomed. I paid about $200AUD, the average for a room in Sydney, but I got my money’s worth.

Hotel Ibis

The Ibis, boasting 256 rooms each with good Wi-Fi signal, stands out on the harbour like a giant white cruise ship. Incidentally, there is close access to cruises round Darling Harbour, and other activities such as the aquarium, and the two museums lie in wait. Access to the Monorail and Light Railway, I found, was also simple. Rates here were a little lower at just under £100, and my room was perfect. The furnishings were smooth, solid colours, with views again overlooking the harbour and the city.

Sydney Boutique Hotel

This was a pricey one. It cost me around $300AUD a night. Luckily, I’m only one person, and I only spent one night there. But boy was it memorable. This place is beautiful. It’s a 150 year old heritage building in Sydney’s historical Rocks area. My room came packed with amenities including a 21” telly and minibar. Needless to say, I left my room occasionally, only to take a stroll round the Rocks, and discover Sydney’s oldest pub, the Fortune of War.

Oaks Hyde Park Plaza

Sitting away from the buzz of the city, but near a busy Oxford Street, this hotel has spacious rooms whose views look over the park. The rooms themselves aren’t as show-offy as others, but include all the necessary things I needed; a fully equipped kitchen, air con, television and en-suit. I paid under £100 for this place, and I had a great overall experience, particularly because of nearby attractions including Sydney’s natural history museum.

Four Points

This is Sydney’s largest hotel boasting over 600 rooms and 45 suits. I was impressed by the stylish blend of simplicity and effectiveness that this place pertains. The hotel is well within walking distance of all the big attractions, and entertainment districts which I was keen to explore. I paid around $200AUD for the room, making Four Points another averagely-priced hotel which didn’t disappoint me.

Guy Arnold, from leafy Hertfordshire, England, is currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes University. Specialising in poetry, and travel writing being a new passion, other interests include walking, rugby, and cycling!

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