Weedy Sea Dragons and Other Evolutionary Anomalies

My skin itched everywhere. This uncomfortable condition was partially caused by the layer of salty dried sweat on my skin, partly from my cracked, sunburnt skin, and partly from the …Continue reading »

Malaysia Update

Just a quick update from Malaysia: I’m still in Langkawi, about to catch a flight to Kuala Lumpur where I’ll do who-knows-what for the next few days. I might try …Continue reading »

Beach Bungalow Bumming

Reckless abuse of hotel mini bars will break your wallet, No matter how good the exchange rates are. So, after two weeks of living the 5 star life, I’ve managed …Continue reading »

Langkawi Island

I’m sitting outside of my bungalow in Langkawi as I write this post.  I can hear the low rumble of the crashing surf in the distance, just 20 yards off.  …Continue reading »