Teaching English in Madrid

The demand for English teachers is fairly high, no matter where you go in the world. So if you can get a job just about anywhere, why not head to paradise?

Okay, maybe Madrid isn’t exactly paradise, but it’s a pretty nice place to teach English abroad. Teaching English in Madrid certainly has its perks. The location is amazing, just a short train ride from the sunny coast of Andalucía, and the bustling, non-stop party of Barcelona.

It can actually be hard for Americans to get a job teaching English in Madrid, or anywhere in Europe for that matter. The native English speakers of the UK don’t need work permits to work in EU countries, and Americans do. If it takes more paperwork to hire an American, why waste the time? So you better get yourself certified through TEFL or CELTA – do what you can to make your teach abroad skills shine!

If you’re looking for an teaching job in Madrid, or anywhere in Spain, try checking bulletin boards at youth travel agencies, look for signs, especially around universities, and of course check the web. You may not be able to get a job teaching English in Madrid at a university, but you’ll have an easier time offering your skills as a private language tutor. Make up a flier and post it around various college campuses.

If you’re able to pull it off, getting a job teaching English in Madrid will definitely be a rewarding experience.

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