Tenerife’s Top 5 Quirky Attractions

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Regular JustinWasHere.com guest poster, Guy Arnold shares some of the more unique things to do in Tenerife, one of Spain’s beautiful Canary Islands.

On a recent trip to the Canary Islands, I got a chance to check out a couple of the more unusual activities available to tourists visiting my destination, Tenerife.

Camel Park

I caught a free bus from Los Cristianos and arrived here about an hour after the opening time of 10am. I didn’t know quite what to expect when it came to actually boarding the camel and taking it for a spin. It felt like being in one of those flight simulators where you get rocked back and forth. Eventually, I warmed to the beast (and it warmed to me) and we were on our way. There were beautiful, mountainous surroundings and our team of about five others enjoyed a one hour ride around the farm grounds led by a friendly guide.

Bob Diving

Having never heard of this until I came to Tenerife, I couldn’t resist trying it. Bob diving is, basically, riding an underwater scooter. We spent two hours beyond the harbour of Puerto Colon, about half an hour of which was actual diving. That didn’t matter though, because for the approximate price of £30 (€40 ish), I got what I paid for: the unique feeling of riding a motorbike in midair!

Quad Safari

They had  new quad bikes for sale and everytime I get the chance to ride a quad bike, I’ll take it. This ride came with a twist because my group was taken up into the mountains at the back of the Malibu Park Estate in Las Americas. It was incredible. Dramatic scenery on a tour that lasted a whopping three hours.

Wildlife and exotic flora and fauna were in abundance. It was a great way of really getting to know Tenerife for all its raw, wild beauty. A little heads up, however: you will need a driving licsense as the route followed public access roads.

Monkey Park

I don’t know what it is about these creatures. Perhaps it’s the gorilla that shares my name but monkeys have, for me, a certain appeal. I paid a visit to the monkey park just minutes away from Los Cristianos and was mesmerised by, not only the variety of animals, but the quality of their conditions. I’m always dubious about this when visiting zoos. But this place delivered. Guests are allowed to interact with and feed a selection of animals including the very animated lemurs and the very noisy parrots.

Mount Teide

How could I ignore the majestic giant that dominates the island’s skyline? I got in my hire car and enjoyed a glorious drive all over the gigantic mountain. The views were spectacular and the weather was flawless which, incidentally, stood me in good stead for a cable car ride to within a hundred metres of the summit. Breath-taking is one of many phrases that can be used for such an experience.

Guy Arnold, from leafy Hertfordshire, England, is currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes University. Specialising in poetry, and travel writing being a new passion, other interests include walking, rugby, and cycling!

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