The Prodigal Backpacker Returns

Justin Jones Rockin HollywoodI flew into Los Angeles 2 weeks ago.  It was perfect timing, as there were lots of parties in Hollywood and Johnny had some sweet sunset gigs. So, I Crashed at Johnny’s house for a few days and rocked Hollywood with old friends and some of the new posse.  We hit the Hollywood clubs hard, slamming whiskey shots with Pabst Blue Ribbon chasers – some things in America I actually did miss.

Pool Party at The Flat in downtown LA.  Private booth and bottle service (thanks Kenny) and then a legendary dinner at Rock n Fish by the Staples Center (thanks again Kenny). We all get pretty sloppy, marinating the lavishness of Downtown Los Angeles’ flash new LA Live center.

Justin Jones at The Flat Pool PartyMarvin the German, who I’d met in Byron was also visiting LA, so we decided to cruise down to San Diego together for a couple days.  I was feeling pretty burnt out from the transcontinental flight and all the booze and other party favors, so I was looking forward to chilling out with Micah, D, and Babs.  SD didn’t let us slow down though. A march in a Gay rights parade supporting marriage equality, a bender downtown with Jaden, Travis, Sean, Dan B and T, and too many trees.  We partied until it got weird – I got slapped in the face by a wasted fat guy who somehow thought I’d insulted his sister.  Random.  Crazy. Woozy.  Good night.

I Hitched a ride back up to LA with Carrie, and then the next day to Santa Barbara for the SB electronic Music Festival.  It was a cloudy and chilly day for SB and things got off to a slow start, but eventually the sun set and Johnny ( IV Legend) rocked the outdoor venue with an epic intro.  The fog machine pumped out an obscuring mist, the music began to crescendo and the smoke slowly cleared to reveal go-go dancers and a live violinist (you rocked it Dzintars!) and IV Legend in the middle of the madness with his arms out-stretched, palms to the sky.  And with perfect timing, the beat dropped, really dirty, like an off-strip Vegas prostitute.  And the crowd began to bounce.

After party at tonic. Bottle service and a private booth again. Then a drink with Chelsea and Barker and the German girl at a hotel downtown before sleeping it off at the hostel. The next morning  the sun was shining and the positive energy was flowing strong, so we got wasted at Sam’s and Geo’s in IV (happy-hour pitchers), before cruising back to LA (sober drivers, of course!) around sunset.  An hour later, just as I was sobering up, Kinga knocked on the door and kidnapped me for more drinks in Orange County with some of her friends. Non-stop.

I was exhausted. Back to LA for a day of rest before catching a bus to San Francisco to see mom and the old Nor-Cal crew.

In the spirit of lost tradition, Chelsea and I celebrated Taco Tuesday at Broghans in WC.  She had to work in the morning. I stayed at the bar to get wasted and spend all my money on a cab back to mom’s house.

Broke and exhausted. I’m home.

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  • maria mijalski

    Absolutely love it! Welcome Home!!

  • Marvin ( The Geman Guy )

    legen…. wait for it ! daryyyyyyyyy

    no serious,
    good article and thanks for having a good times together ” MATE ” !
    but you can discribe the slap in your a littlebit more .. hehe

    Cheer´s marvin

    ps: i was yesterday a ” littlebit ” to fast with the car on the grand canyon road´s
    and the police target me with 45 miles too much on the street …
    they said, i am soooooooooooo close to go to jail for a couple of day´s
    but at the end it work´s out with 300 $ fine ticket :)

  • Chelsea

    Boo for work and a Taco Tuesday buzz kill! I can’t wait to rage it up this weekend! =) Let the Stoli Redbulls flow!!!

    And, it may be time for a new ‘good luck’ coin..I was looking forward to a tale about tail from ‘Bro’ghans!..

  • Carlos Garcia

    Sweet!, Welcome home, Its been a while but it seems like just yesterday we were all confined to S.B.

  • garage doors orange county

    Partying, dinners, private booths, bottle service, clubs, getting slapped by big black guys, and more partying. How do you not OD on partying?