The Three Top Mountain Walking Holidays in Europe



A mountain destination is not hard to find in Europe. There are so many places to choose from, your only difficulty is deciding where to head. Below, we’ve reviewed our three favourite mountain holidays on and just-off the continent. 


Just a half an hour from Larnaca airport, Kalavasos is a sweet, secluded little village, and an authentic slice of old Cyprus. Surrounded on all sides by imposing mountains, Kalavasos has plenty of opportunities for breathtaking walks. Starting up high so you can survey the area, the walk only gets more delightful as you reach sea level. The historic town is real picture-postcard stuff – an old square, a crumbling church, the quaint little café – and once you reach the gorgeous Governors Beach you really feel like you’ve seen a few things worth reporting to the folk back home.

Chrysochou Bay, Cyprus (courtesy of Celeste)


The town of Kemer is one Turkey’s most popular destinations, with tourists and locals alike. Picturesque streets twist through the town, and the Taurus Mountains provide the dramatic backdrop. Pretty pine forests, pebble beaches, and fine local eateries and bars, most holidaymakers are happy to remain in Kemer once there.

Mount Teide, Tenerife

Don’t pass through Tenerife without seeing Mount Teide. The highest point in Spain, Teide’s 3718m summit provides some breathtaking views. Not only is Teide the third highest volcano in the world, it remains active, adding an extra frisson of excitement to any ascent. The last eruption was over 100 years ago and, interestingly, there may have been an eruption in that most famous of Spanish years, 1492; Columbus reported fire from the Canaries as he sailed past them on his way to the new world. Hiking and climbing fans are well-advised to spend some time on Tenerife. The Canary island’s topography is a compelling combination of rocky peaks and verdant valleys, lush with fruit plantations. Just check the web for more information on mountain vacations, flights to Barcelona and the the Canary Islands.

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