Thermal Pools and Pumas at The Springs Resort, LA Fortuna, Costa Rica

Last week I had a chance to visit The Springs Resort and Spa, in La Fortuna, Costa Rica. I was there to interview Rick Iorio for my Radical Travel Podcast. You can listen to the whole podcast here. The Springs Resort and Spa is just outside La Fortuna, with an incredible view of the Arenal Volcano. The place is an incredible 5 star resort and spa – the actually filmed an episode of The Bachelor there. But you don’t have to pay big bucks for a room in this 5-star resort – You can still enjoy a bit of budget luxury by pick up a┬áday pass (actually good for 2 days) for just $40. You’ll get access to all of the 25+ hot springs and a free tour of the animal sanctuary. Well worth it. (More info about The Springs here)

This photo essay includes photos of my journey to La Fortuna, The Springs Resort and Spa, and the Monkeys and big cats in the animal sanctuary. (Feel free to skip to the end for photos of Sibu, the cutest puma cub ever!)

A foggy view on the way to Arenal

A rainbow over Lago Arenal.

A White-Faced Coati foraging on the side of the road.

The curious White-Faced Coati came right up to our car.

The view of Arenal Volcano, from The Springs, almost always obscured by clouds.

Thermal hot springs.

A pool to relax in at the Perdidos Pools, hidden in the jungle at the resort.

A waterfall at the hot springs.

Sibu, the baby puma cub!

Sibu, the puma cub, posing for a photo op.

An Ocelot, waking up from a nap and stretching.

A baby Spider Monkey clings to its mother.

Guapo – the handsome (and jealous) Puma.



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